As any Brazilian person I know, I love food. I always say that food in Brazil is the equivalent of beer in Ireland. I’ll explain. While Irish people love having a pint on a pub, Brazilian people socialize around food. Good food. That’s why I decided to present you with some of those wonders. And as someone with a sweet tooth, I could only start with my top 10 Brazilian sweets.

#1 – Brigadeiro (Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Balls)

Brigadeiro are little balls made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate sprinkles to cover the outside layer. Other versions of it include: White Brigadeiro (white chocolate), Strawberry Brigadeiro (strawberry powder) and many many more.

#2 – Beijinho (Coconut Brigadeiro)

Beijinho is one of my favourites. It is the coconut version of the Brazilian brigadeiro. It’s prepared with condensed milk, grated desiccated coconut, rolled over caster sugar or grated coconut.


#3 – Pavê

Pavê is a dessert with layers of cookies and chocolate whipped cream custard. There are many variations of pavê usually including fruits like peach and pineapple or even dulce de leche. But my favourite is – of course – the one with different types of chocolate and rich tea finger biscuit.

#4 – Pudim de Leite (Condensed milk pudding)

It’s like a flan (very similar taste and texture) and it has caramel on top. It’s made with condensed milk, whole milk, eggs, and sugar.

#5 – Mousse de Maracujá (Passion fruit mousse)

A mousse made with condensed milk and passion fruit (or passion fruit concentrate juice) and it takes no cooking at all. It’s also common seen other fruits like lemon and cupuaçu as a variation of it.


#6 – Quindim

Quindim is a baked dessert, made from sugar, egg yolks, and ground coconut. It’s a custard and usually presented as an upturned cup with a glistening surface and intensely yellow color.

#7 – Bolinho de chuva

This one reminds me childhood. They’re fried balls of dough covered with sugar and cinnamon. The best thing to have with a jug of natural juice or coffee.

#8 – Paçoca

Paçoca is  made out of ground peanuts, sugar and salt. Some recipes also add flour, such as corn flour, oats flour or cassava flour. If you like peanut butter, you’re definitely going to like Paçoca.


#9 – Goiabada

It is known as guava paste or guava cheese. A variation of it is Goiabada Cascão, when guava paste is chunky because it contains parts of the peel of the fruit. It’s often eaten with a slice of cheese.

#10 – Tapioca

It’s like a pancake, but made of cassava flour. And you can spread basically anything in it: condensed milk, chocolate spread, dulce de leche, brigadeiro paste, jam or whatever makes you happy.

If you want to try some of them I recommend you having a look at:

Sweet Brazil (Dublin) – Brigadeiros, beijinhos, cakes, cupcakes, pavês and other Brazilian sweets and desserts.

Chocolicious (Dublin) – Brigadeiros, beijinhos, cakes, mousses and other Brazilian sweets and desserts.

Banane Gourmet (London) – Brigadeiros.


*This is NOT a sponsored post. All views and opinions shared are my own.

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