This is a travel blog. But it’s not only a travel blog. I always loved to travel and I always felt curious about what is life like beyond the borders. So since I’ve moved to Ireland I decided to embrace my explorer-self and it has been an amazing experience. But that’s not all. I also always loved to teach and to share my experiences, and since I’ve moved to Europe I’ve learned so much more than I knew. So…

Postcards from Juh came from a personal desire to share these experiences: Discovering a new place, exploring a new culture, making friends from all around the world, visiting unforgettable places, going through unique experiences ..

but also: Getting in trouble, being extremely cold (or warm), getting lost, eating the most absurd things (and liking it), not being understood, learning to sort yourself out, missing all that we left behind.

I honestly think that anyone, anywhere, is going to find this blog interesting. Thanks for visiting, happy reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to know more about me, just check meet juh.